Welcome to ‘Beautiful Moments” by Elka.

“Beautiful Moments” is a unique line of personalised jewellery manufactured in silver and gold, here on the Rock of Gibraltar by the long established jewellers “The Jewel Box”. 

My mother, Rosana Olivares founded the Jewel Box when we were very young and alongside my two sisters Ana-Lisa and Christina we continue to work very hard, so that the business continues to grow and thrive.

The Beautiful Moments personalised production line began in 2017, aiming to provide a very personalised service and giving us the freedom to produce beautiful bespoke jewellery for our customers in a quick, cost effective manner. 

We produce many specialised designs and are able to work with our customers to make them jewellery exactly as they want it, in solid sterling silver or 18ct gold. We do many beautiful engravings and embossed designs which include gemstones and customers own handwriting or pictures.Above the Jewel Box are its two workshops which work together. The first is our traditional workshop where we do all manner of repairs and make hand made jewellery using traditional technics. Beside this is our laser workshop where we design, cut and hand finish all the ‘Beautiful Moments by Elka’ creations.  

I trained professionally in the U.K. and  Antwerp. as a qualified jeweller, designer, gemmologist and diamond grader. I wanted to offer something different and creative to our customers and I am always warmly touched by the excellent response from our customers to their custom made jewellery. I have worked for many years in our jewellery workshop alongside my father, Stephen Olivares. Design has always been where I felt I could excel. It comes very naturally to me and ideas and concepts flow and develop seamlessly. I love developing new collections and I love  seeing so many of our pieces worn by our customers when I am out and about.

By combining the use of the very latest Italian technology with traditional jewellery techniques I feel we are able to offer unique and special Jewellery. Jewellery design and manufacture is a continual and evolving process and with the introduction of the “Beautiful Moments “ line we are at the forefront of new manufacturing technology here in Gibraltar.

The name ‘Beautiful Moments’ comes from my love of photography. I love capturing and framing  precious moments and saving them forever. As a mother of four it is the every day special moments that I treasure the most. I wanted to translate this into items of jewellery. Precious keepsakes that we can always wear that will always remind us of that ‘Beautiful Moment.’ Phrases and engravings that define that special sentiment, friendship or enduring love.

I am very blessed to work in something that I love, my own project that is steadily growing and getting busier, working alongside an amazing team who share my passion.

Thank you very much,

Elka Olivares.

(Jewellery Designer, Gemmologist and Manufacturer at the Jewel Box).